July 19th 2013 AD
( A word from Yahweh, Father God.)

My child I see darkness spreading across the land. Not just your land (USA) but across the whole face of the world. Do you see it child?
  Has peace not been taken from the land, and from the world? Yes and it will grew worse and worse.
  There are those who think that they can control what has been unleashed, but it is I  Yahweh  that is in control.
  Therefore do not fear them, I tell you rather fear me. For it is I that hold the keys, it is I that gives life and deals out death. You may walk among them but you belong to me. I will keep my own.

  Peace has been taken from the earth, nation rises against nation, kingdom rises against kingdom, race against race the rich rise up against the poor to grind their faces in the dirt. Look around you, the love of many has grown cold. People murder their own children and think that it is a right they have. No one speaks the truth they speak half truths twisted with lies and the people want it so. The whole world is sick and putrid with the filth of its own making and this is the way they want it. They are blind, plucked up by the roots, twice dead. Do not follow their ways. Come out from a among them, be ye separate. These things that are all around you open your eyes, people die every day of starvation, many of my followers are killed every day the numbers are high. 100’s of thousands every year now. Pestilence is on the increase, can you not discern the times? All of these things will grew stronger and last longer.
  Tell my children to follow me, do not look to man for deliverance, for none can deliver ought out of my hand. It is time to choose a side. There is no longer time to delay. Come unto me now while you still can.
  I have held back the evil for just a short while but very soon now it will be loosed and unrestrained. If you will not hear me now you will not hear me when the trouble comes. If you will not follow me now you will run when the calamity comes.
  I stand and call to you day after day yet so very few hear. To those that hear and repent and come unto me, I say unto you, come you are welcome my child. To the rest I say I love you and I would save and deliver you, heal you and give you life, I would give you hope and peace and a future but you would not. I desire that all would be saved, but those who have been called and have answered the call to come to me these I will keep and deliver into my kingdom.
  I take no pleasure in those things which are coming upon this world child, but those who reject me shall have what comes and they shall face it without me, for they have chosen another god, one that comes but to kill steal and destroy, the one that lies and murders.
  Come children enter in IT IS TIME
  There is no time left to delay, Come now unto me. All that the Father has given unto me shall come to me.

NOTE: There was more given in the way of instruction which I will share in another post, shortly.
Thank you
pt. 2 continued on page 2

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