It Is Very Near Now

                      IT IS COMING!
  Today the spirit of Yahweh has been heavy upon me, very strong. I don’t know if it’s ever been this strong before. He told me its coming!
  ” Its coming child! ”
   I asked him from what direction, will it come, east our west? He said that it will come from both but
  he told me to look to the east. He said that it is very near now, and it would spring upon us.I asked Him what it was. He told me that I would not understand it if he explained it, but He told me that it was a force. I asked him if it was spiritual our physical. He said BOTH.
I asked him if he would show me, if I could see it. He said that I would see it, I would see it when it comes. I asked him if I would know it when I saw it and He said that yes I would know it when I saw it.
   This is all that The Lord has given me but like I said the Spirit is so very strong today and he hovers near and stays. I don’t know what else to say except seek the Lord.
  What ever it is that comes is near and it will spring suddenly.
He later gave me this warning to share,
  The time to prepare is about at an end. If you are not ready, there is no time left to get ready.
Look to me children, hear what I say
Repay no one evil for evil, bless your enemies, bless and curse them not. Walk in the light and hold to my unchanging hand.
Daniel was saved from the lions, but not from the lions den!
The the Hebrew children were saved from the fire, but not from the furnace!
The children of Israel were kept thru the wilderness, but not from the wilderness!
Noah and his family were saved thru the flood but not from the flood!
The water shall not overflow you, nor shall the flame kindle upon you.
Pray for those that do not know me. Do not be afraid to tell then.
Pray for guidance thru the days ahead.
You must walk by faith and not by sight, for if you do not walk by faith you will not stand in the days ahead.



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