Comet Ison

Comet Ison – I have an extremely urgent message for the world – Time To Whistleblow!!Hello all, For a few days I have been sitting on some verified information that once released will change everything, however not for the bad per se. What you have been told about Isom is not true, at all. Below are the details. Feel free to share this with as many people as you can and post everywhere to GET THE WORD OUT….Good luck COMET ISOM – The Revelation I was recently deeply meditating and my verified contacts within the galactic federation sent me a message. They say scientist of the federation have stated that they want me to give out a message to all Earth starting with GLP. I am the starting voice of an avalanche of information about to spill out all over the world about Ison. Ison is NOT a comet and not even a rock. IT IS AN INTERDIMENSIONAL SHIP from the FUTURE with a mix of Humans, Tularians and Pleadians. It has come to “reap” the earth and save it for THIER OWN PURPOSES.. On December 12 it will arrive ahead of schedule and it will head towards the earth and when fear arises it will VANISH without a trace. However, so will a large portion of our population. IT WILL NOT BE THE 5th DENSITY but a reaping of slaves for Planet Alaxetrian in the 6th quadrant of the Ulexian System. These are not nice beings.  Those left on the Earth will be lead into the 5th dimension buy the ascended masters on January 22, 2014. It will be instantaneous and seamless… Those who will be taken will be lost forever. Save your selfs and family by mediation light to the starts for clarity and consciousness.. Away you can help save MILLIONS is by posting this message all over the place and feel free to quote me if you want added credibility. Take care – and I am just the messenger of truth in this first phase of ascension…..
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