The Vision Is True!

She was dirty, dressed in rags that were covered in filth. In appearance she looked to be about five or six years old. She was all alone and was serching for something or rather someone that she had lost sight of.
This place was strange to her but she was determined to find whom she was seeking. She knew that he was near. Sure enough there he was standing across the way from her motioning for her to come to him. Her heart quickened and she looked around to find a way to cross over to where he stood. Again he motioned for her to come to him. Still looking for a way to cross, she realized that there was no path around the pit of raw sewage that lay been them. She called to him “There is no way to get around this.” Then once again he motioned for her to come to him. Again she called to him ” There is no way around this!” Once more he motioned for her to come to him. When the realization hit her that he meant for her to come thru it ,anger boiled up inside of her. The child them said “Surely you don’t mean for me to wade thru that!” Yet once more he motioned for her to come. There was no going back for her though, and no way around. The only way lay thru that awful pit full of  the worst filth imaginable. Still angry she gathered herself up and prepared to jump across. She knew that she could never clear the distance but it was the anger in her at the situation that spurned her on in that small act of defiance. Sure enough she did not clear the pit but came down right in the middle of it. She hung her head in shame and humiliation, and  tears rolled down her dirty little face as she wept with deep sorrow. For some reason see opened her eyes though she did not look up. Then she saw Him, to her utter amazement, right there in front of her, down in the muck and mire, He had come down into it with her. She knew with unwavering surety and said “You really do love me!” To which he lifted her face and dried her tears and then he spoke, ” Now clean it out!”
She knew that he meant for her to clean out that pit because it was she that had created it. She didn’t ask him how to do it because she was suddenly standing there with a shovel in her hand. Without hesitation she started scooping up the mess  and threw it out on the side that she had come from.
The filth was cleared out and the place was clean. It looked like new skin after the scab has fallen off, all pink and new. It was well and whole and healthy. There at her feet she saw one gold coin. Picking up the coin she examined it closely. In her little hands it seemed very large. It was round and made of gold with ridges or grooves along the outside edge like one finds on a quarter or a dime that has been minted. However there was no inscription or image on ether side. She turned it over in her little hands and thought to herself , ”  I don’t need this now.” having nothing but the coin she reached up and handed it to Him.  His expression was one of pleased surprise, as He took the coin from her hand He replied, “But this was yours to keep.” Her reply was simply ” I want you to have it.”
As they were about to depart she wanted to be sure that she did not become separated from him again so she thought of a collar with a leash and there it was around her neck. She took the leash and handed it to Him and he smiled at her lovingly and tucked the leash into his waist band. As they walked away from ths place she could hear them, those nasty little demons taunting her, jeering, laughing, reminding her of her past and promising worse in the future. She turned to look back, not out of desire to go back, not out of fear, simple curiosity as to how close they were and how soon they might catch up.  To her surprise He spoke saying, ” They can not cross over, you will never be bothered by them again.” and they walked on.
She knew that the demons were on the other side of where the pit had been, that place had been healed, and it was that place that they could not cross over. She was free from them. She had not known that they were with her until she had cross over herself  and heard them taunting her. Some where deep inside see realized that they had been with her a very long time, but now she was free. As they continued on she noticed that the place the walked was carpeted with flames. The flames were all blue and white, they did not burn but they licked about the feet and ankles, she realized that they were cleaning her feet. She noticed that she no longer wore rags but she was in a clean little dress of the palest light blue (blue white)  linen and she was no longer dirty, but clean. They walked on and she finally worked up the courage to lean on him and he covered her with his wing.
There was neither day nor night there, but it was always light. It was not hot or cold, and there was no time though she had a since of time. They walked on for about the space of three days. During this time she wondered to herself about a friend, a family member, and how he was and where he was. Just then off to their right there was a large wall of yellow flames that appeared. As she looked she saw her friend come running and stumbling thru the wall of flames with his hands over his face. He stumbled into them and walked alongside of the two for a short while. Then the one that she was with spoke to her, “He does not see us, nor hear us. He does not know where he is.” He stretched out his wing and sheltered him for a while then her friend was gone.
Then the young child found herself in the presence of her Father. She could not see the one she had come with but He was there she knew His presence. She stood by her Fathers side and held to his leg as children often will do. I was the perfectly right thing to do and filled her with comfort and joy. His large wing covered her completely and as she watched from beneath his wing,  a creature appeared before the Father.  She knew who he was, she knew what he was, he was the evil one. His appearance was that of a short, little, old, ( very old ) gargoyle looking creature.  This evil one looked at the young child and crooking his finger he said” Come here little girl.” He did this three times trying to entice her to come to him. She knew what he was and she would not move, clinging even tighter to her Fathers leg. She thought to her self ” What do you think I am,…. a fool?” At this point the Father said to the creature “Come and take her if you want her!” When the creature started toward the girl she drew back further under her Father’s wing and held onto him as tightly as she could. That evil one shuffling along for about three steps then the Father lifted his arm his hand with palm outstretched facing that evil one, then the Father spoke… Not one word was spoken that the ear could hear but it was heard and it was felt. All of creation trembled  with it as he said ” ENOUGH!”   Then that evil one flew backwards at the force of it and landed several feet away flat of his back on the floor. Then the Father spoke again ” YOU CAN NOT HAVE HER SHE BELONGS TO ME!”
I have told this in story form  in the third party format. It was a waking vision, or a vision had while awake and so very real. I was delivered from demonic oppression that I had been under for many years. I was shown and made to know and understand that FATHER is love, the truest, purest form of love that exists. It is what we are all looking for, it is everything we have our ever will want, though most of us don’t know it. I tried to explain it but the best that I could do was to say ” There is NOTHING, that I would ever have to give up, that world not be worth giving up just to possess that love!” It is why we are! Father said that I could share this with you. I hope that it brings honor and glory to Father and Jesus, and a blessing to someone. No matter how far away you get from  God the Father or Jesus when you need then and you look for them they are there. No sin is too great for then to forgive, no bondage that they can’t break BUT, you have to seek them , and you will find them when you seek them with all of your heart and you have to do as they ask. Follow Jesus, he will never lead you wrong. He will lead you to the Father and that’s all you have ever wanted even if you don’t realize it. I know now why saten tries so hard to lead us astray because if we ever come to know Fathers nature we will never want anything else, truth is nothing else can compare to it. It is what every one of us looks for though as the words of the song says we are  “looking for love in to many faces, looking for love in all the wrong places!” My prayer is that you may come to know what is the higth the depth and the breadth of the  of God’s Love. Its indescribable, and we were made for it. 😀

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