A Word From The LORD

October 2016
Thus says Yawner:
I have heard the prayers of my people and change is coming. The wind that has blown against you is about to change direction. A wind is coming which will blow against those that have pushed at you to drive you in the direction of thief own choosing and away from me. What I say to one I say to you all…….
Do not be stiff necked children, all who will walk contrary to this wind are fighting against ME, If you will turn and walk in the right way you will be walking with the flow of the wind and you shall find success, HOWEVER if you continue to walk against the wind this is what will befall you. First you will make no progress and all that you attempt to do will fail. Second that which you have will be striped away by the wind layer by layer until at last you will stand naked and bare before the Lord. Third if you still will not turn your flesh will suffer and last of all your very life will fail. If you turn ,though you suffer loss, you will be spared.
     Do not rise up and play children it is time to stand united in prayer and stand against the darkness with your touch held high. You are a light unto the world DO NOT hide your light, DO NOT let your lamps go out. DO NOT cease to pray.

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