By Prophet Ken Dewey – March 14, 2014

THIS WORD IS FOR AMERICA.  Many other lands will be effected by what is coming.  BUT THIS PROPHETIC WORD IS A WARNING TO….. “AMERICA”.


Two days ago I had a vision while laying in bed.  Suddenly I saw many Faces with Fear on them and heard screams and Cries.  I heard the sound of loud explosions and saw Fires.  I woke up and heard him talking about the coming time between now and 2016.  He began to tell me about the great day of shaking during the days of election of the new president to begin in 2016.  He was talking much warning.

This morning early I did hear the following words come forth as he told me to write.  Here is what he said:

I am standing in the middle of this land called America and I am warning and calling out, “Who is on My Side, Step over now”.  Stand with me, walk no more the evil walk, choose now.  The evil cause is falling hard, run across the Line or PERISH.  The time of Great Dividing is come and now the end is near.  Run Away from Sin, Choose to Stand with ME.

In short order watch the shaking, as the evil can not prevail.  I have decreed it, I have purposed it; it can not continue.  This evil will fall hard for all the world to see.  I move to make a statement to the evil Three: Wantonness, lasciviousness, and Evil Desires.  No longer will I maintain peace but hot will be my judgment.

Swept Away, Yes, SWEPT AWAY.  I will blow winds of Judgment upon the threshing floor.  I will separate, before all watching, my Seeds from the Chaff.  I will separate away from the fire, those whom I have seen and those who I know (I have foreseen them and I know that they are mine).  I see them living where evil abounds and I will swipe you clean in the Fire.

Run away quickly or perish in the Cleansing Flames.  Evil will not prevail but I will cleanse it for my peoples sake.  I will snatch them away forever, to be mine.

The present political struggle will not be as normal but this time I will openly stand, Yes Stand, In the Debate Box and plead against evil men.  Men will not decide who is left to stand.  I AM WILL DECIDE WHO REIGNS AND MY PARTY IS MINE.  I AM running now and the election will be DANGEROUS because I intend to Win.

 Expect a great shaking during the political history of America between now and 2016.

Warning:  Whoever is against me, WARNING, this is MY LAND.  I want you to know I am Not through with this America Land.  Yet there are many plans for MANY PEOPLE COMING IN.  In ignorance many are now carried away, I move now in Mercy to Save them.  I have foreseen them, that they will be mine, not the devils.  He cannot continue to blind them.

*I move to open their eyes to see me, the Great I AM.

*I move to take away evil blinders.

*I move to take away evil plans.

*I move to undo the evil man who stands and walks in pride, thinking, I can not or will not stop him.

I will not tolerate him any Longer.  I know you wanted him but NOW you don’t, yet, you are in his trap.  I move to loose you from him.  Fall and Fall Hard, he will, and all who stand with him.  My warning now is to you who read this and stand in his sway. 


I will arise to cleanse the Filth Away.  Many Men will Perish in this Fire and Many will Flee Away.  I will Awaken my Mighty Men to Stand Tall in Freedom Land.  The Freedom Cause is Freedom to Live Holy and Clean.  Nobody will tell you you can not.


To those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, HEAR WHAT I WARN THIS DAY.


NOTE THIS:  The Lord has told me to place here the link to a previous Prophetic Word he gave me …. so you could consider again it with this word above.  He wanted me to warn again that this is coming shortly:



I have posted this word in obedience to the Lord as I heard it this very day.  Lord bring forth your word to the hearers and perform all your mighty acts as declared today.


Prophet Ken Dewey

Copyright © 2014 The Precious Stone

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