Ancient Apollo Statue Discovered in Gaza: Hamas takes rare bronze Greek God figure into custody

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

appolotemple2 I have often pondered what it must have been like in ancient times with the Israelites.  I have often asked questions like ‘Why after witnessing the mighty hand of God in their Exodus, would some turn to worship a golden calf or another God?  I have wondered why when Moses threw down his staff and it turned into snakes why this wouldn’t have been enough for Pharoah.  Well the answer is those myths we were told are most likely not myth’s at all, but ancient spirits and gods led by satan himself.  The spirit of false gods, and deceit.  Now that we are getting a glimpse of these statues and ancient temples that are washing up from the sea, we can see the truth being brought into light.  Satan did exist, he existed in a spirit of many god’s, that are not mythical figures, but ancient spirits from satan.  Just…

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