Prophesy TO 2014

Richard's Watch

Far over ‘the pond’ from Britain and deep in ‘Dixie’, close to the Gulf of Mexico, a man of native American stock lay awake in the early hours of New Year’s Eve. Lying eyes open, hands behind head, he wondered “What’s 2014 gonna bring?” and pondered its possibilities. But the Holy Spirit was tracking this pastor’s  mental meanderings and interrupted them to command:

“You are not a victim of fate. You don’t wonder what the year will bring, you tell it what to bring!”

When the pastor told his large congregation about this last Sunday, 5th January, they erupted enthusiastically. Before going on to implement his teaching on this at the close of service, Holy Spirit summarised it as, “Set your year with your mouth!”.

After reading Bridge over ‘The Pond’ and Prophecies for 2014 you may realise how the entire session amazed us as we watched it ‘live’ on the first Sunday of 2014. My report cannot do…

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