THE PRECIPICE OF DESTRUCTION – A Prophetic Word to America By Prophet Ken Dewey – December 22, 2013

THE PRECIPICE OF DESTRUCTION – A Prophetic Word to America
By Prophet Ken Dewey – December 22, 2013
Years ago, when I was about fourteen years old, my father took us on a vacation to see Canyon De Chelly National Park in Eastern Arizona near the New Mexico border, near the Four Corners Area of the Southwest US.   We had heard stories about the beautiful yellow cliffs of that canyon that were over 1000 feet high.  The cliffs were so vertical that literally one could stand on the very precipice on top and look straight down to be bottom below 1000 feet.  The day we arrived, I will never forget the awesome sight as we walked near the edge of that mighty vertical cliff face. The sheer dangerous sight gripped me as I did very slowly walk to the edge and look below.   I felt in the pit of my stomach a hurting pain of fear gripping me.  It was as if I saw myself falling headlong down that thousand feet to be smashed on the rocks below.  It gripped me.  I remember my mother saying, Kenneth stop, stop, do not go any closer because the wind might blow you over, you might fall!  It was a very impressionable moment of my life, one I have never forgotten.  As we stood there looking down we could see a Navajo with a heard of sheep.  To tell you the truth the sheep looked like small maggots and the Navajo was a mere walking stick, spot.

*Look at photos of this beautiful Canyon De Chelly here:

This morning I heard the Lord speaking about another Precipice.  I saw in my mind a vision of another vertical Cliff and men falling down to be smashed on the jagged rocks below.  Smashed to pieces. 

I recalled watching the movie some years ago “Quigley Down Under” and in the movie the scene where the evil men were killing the natives of Australia by forcing them over a precipice to fall on rocks below to their death.  That scene flashed in my mind and I watched the natives falling over that cliff.  I remember in that movie that by miracle one small child was not killed or hurt.  I suppose that somehow his fall was blocked by the body of his mother or several others, and he was spared death.

The Lord begin to talk to me about the place where America is at this time.  He said America is on THE PRECIPICE OF DESTRUCTION.  He talked of how that this country has gone so far into the darkness and how they were walking so dangerously close to their own destruction.  It was warning words I heard him saying and explaining how that place where men are now is NEARING FALLING OFF.  I heard him say, IT WILL TAKE NOW ONLY A WIND TO BLOW THEM OVER THE EDGE TO THEIR DEATH.  It did flash back in my mind the warning I heard my mother tell me years ago as I stood near the edge of that Canyon De Chelly, “Kenneth be careful the wind could blow you over the edge” (the wind was blowing that day from behind and you could feel it pushing toward the edge… my stomach did knot up in pain as I imagined falling headlong down).

In the moment of these thoughts I heard the Lord speak this word:

I have brought them to the Precipice, to their edge of destruction!  I have moved them by my mighty hand to their end.  Tottering on the very edge of sheer Death below; whosoever falls there will not arise again.  Certain Death stalks below.  Sheer force will Smash them, smashing them to pieces on the jagged rocks below.  Thousands of thousands feet below, see them tottering on the very BRINK OF DESTRUCTION NOW!  Only a Strong Wind could blow them over to sure Death below.Wind is my vehicle, it blows.  The breath of my nostrils force them, Falling, Falling, Screaming, Plunging down.  Sure Death, no recovery can be seen.  Certain Death, No Escape; watch them Fall Down.

Suddenly, Suddenly, See my huge hand under “MANY OF THEM”.  Lifting, Lifting, them off sheer rocks of Death.  It is I and only I who now hold them ALL.   They can ever know for sure is I did save them.  I Am Salvation.  I am the Savior.  I CAN, I WILL STOP MANY SHORT OF THE JAGGED ROCKS BELOW.  Never, no never, will they ever say they did it or stopped Death’s clutches from snatching them Dead.  They only know, I Am saved them; they cannot stop the Truth forthcoming.  I Am that I Am.  The Only God able to lift them from the jaws of Death.

AMERICA, OH AMERICA, You will know, I Am.  He who caught you, stopped you short.  Short and instantly, just in time; keeping you from deaths hands.

See my hand under you, you must see me!  I move to open your eyes to know me.  Enlighten you I will, you who see nothing now, blind and dangerously walking, will see, yes SEE AS YOU FALL, JUST IN TIME.  Many will will be saved and Many yet will die.

It is I who raises Nations.  It is I who places them.  I Am He who sits in the Position of Power.  I Am your President.  I AM.

I know all things.  Am I like him who knows nothing but vain plans that will not work?  Am I a Mere Man?  NO.  I AM YOUR GOD.  I did form you now see me for who I Am.


I have brought America to the edge of destruction, a Cliff, sheer Cliff.  I will let you Fall, YET ONCE AGAIN TO CATCH MANY JUST SHORT OF DEATHS JAWS.  Thousands, yes Thousands, Millions coming yet in; blind now and deceived and unknowing, I WILL AWAKEN TO AWARENESS OF WHO I AM.  I do not desire to see you suffer eternally away from life.  I will yet in Mercy, Moved by Compassion to save men.  I will not let satan’s evil jaws devour you all, I will stop many short of him.

I’m not done with you America.  I am moving One Final Time.  I Am that I Am then the End Comes.


I have written this Word exactly as I did hear him speak it.  In obedience I now write it for all to read.  I pray this Word will be heard and many will see.  Lord bring forth this Word according to your purpose in giving it.

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