The Waxing Death Moon; Trillium Park, the Olympic Clock, and Planet X: PART #1

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Waxing Death Moon; Trillium Park, the Olympic Clock, and Planet X

America is under attack by evil forces that are aligned with satan. The devil wants to destroy our country and take as many souls captive into the pit of hell as he can. He has waged his war against us covertly for many years and is now becoming overtly blatant about it. One such blatant attack against our country was the Sandy Hook school shootings—may our prayers be with the families affected. So blatant was his attack that the devil put it on a map featured in the Batman movie—The Dark Knight Rises. As you can see on the Map are the words Strike Zone 1 and Sandy Hook—as I said, a blatant satanic attack against America.
The Batman map has 4 more Strike Zones on it, which may imply that the satanic forces are planning to carry out more attacks against our country. The thought came to my mind; if there was a way to use the map to figure out the locations and events at the other Strike Zones, then maybe the events could be stopped or their damage lessened. Then the thought came to me to see if the map would align some way with the Strike Zone 1 location and the rest of the United States.
I aligned the Strike Zone 1 location with the Sandy Hook school and the right portion of the Batman map with the southeast coast of the United States, which as you can see, aligned almost precisely.

If this is the correct alignment then it would suggest where the locations of the other 4 Strike Zones are;  

Strike Zone 2—Yellowstone

Strike Zone 3—Florida water event

Strike Zone 4—Minnesota

Strike Zone 5—Gulf of Mexico  

Note: This information was previously posted in early 2013; The Revealing of the Batman Map Strike Zones. 

I have always wondered if this Batman map alignment, and thus the locations of the other 4 Strike Zones, was correct. I believe I just received confirmation that it is aligned correctly and have also received confirmation that there is an “event” planned for the next  day in the Friday crescent moon death day cycle—3/28/2014—which is related to the Batman map and the Batman movie release day. This event may also be related to Planet X. The confirmations are listed below. 

Note: If you are not familiar with the relation ship between the Batman map and the Friday crescent moon death days, read this post: Yellowstone Eruption on the Next Friday Crescent Moon Death Day—the End of the World is Just the Beginning

Trillium Park 

A blog reader left a comment on a post saying that there is a Trillium Park in Minnesota. So what? On the Batman map the words Strike Zone 4 are over an area named Trillium Park. Here is a picture of the Batman movie map Strike Zone 4 location, which cannot be read too clearly, and another picture of a Batman map in which you can clearly read Trillium Park.




Here is the actual Trillium Park in Minnesota. Its address is 2800, County Rd 88 and is located across the street from a cemetery.


Though the Trillium Park in the Batman map overlay and the real Trillium Park have different layouts and do not align exactly, notice that they both have water features. Also the real Trillium Park (red circle) is very close to the large yellow “P” on the batman map. It is also very close to the center of the ring of circles and squares surrounding Strike Zone 4.


So we have a Trillium Park on the Batman map that aligns with Minnesota and Minnesota has an actual Trillium Park that aligns near the large “P” on the Batman map in the center of the Strike Zone 4 circle. You can conclude what you want, but I believe this is a confirmation that the map is aligned correctly. What might this Strike Zone 4 event be? I am not sure, but I am leaning toward thinking it may involve an invading foreign army or a nuclear incident. 

The Olympic Clock 

As mentioned above, I believe the next date in the Friday crescent moon death day cycle related to the Batman movie/ Batman map, of which 4 mass shootings, including Sandy Hook, have already occurred, is 3/28/2014 as suggested by this chart.


click to enlarge

In regards to this date I recently received information in an email from a reader that I believe confirms this date as the next day in the death moon cycle. This person made me aware that the Olympic clock in the U.K. stopped on March 15, 2011 shortly after it began its countdown to the 2012 London Olympics.


As you can see the clock stopped with the numbers 0 49 38 and 500 days. In his email he explained that if you take the one set of numbers as the day of a month (4 + 9 = 13) and the other set as the month (3 + 8 = 11) that yields the date of 11/13, and taking the year of the Olympics that gives us the date of 11/13/2012. What about the 500 days on the clock? If you add 500 days to 11/13/2012, you come to 3/28/2014. Also the time from 3/15/2011 to 3/28/2014 is 3 years 13 days, or 1109 days, there’s our 911. So who stopped the clock; was it coincidence, the satanic forces, or God Himself? Either way God allowed it.

Update: 12/17 & 18

The individual from the U.K. who originally emailed me the image of the clock just informed me that there were 2 pictures floating around regarding the stopped time and that the picture below is the actual stopped time. Notice that the real stopped time still adds up to the same numbers (5 + 6 = 11) and (7 + 6 = 13). So both pictures point to the same date–a double witness. Also 7 x 6 x 5 x 6 = 1260–the amount days that the antichrist will rule the world. End of update.

Again, you can conclude what you want, and call it coincidence if you like, but I take it as confirmation that 3/28/2014 is a “very important” day—which happens to be the next day in the Friday crescent moon death cycle. Also let bring to your attention that Trillium Park is located at 2800 Rd 88. The 2800 may be a reference to the 28 in 3/28/14, the word Trillium uses the Latin prefix “tri” meaning “3” and can refer to the 3 in 3/28, and the 88 may be a reference to the 88th day of 2014, which in Hebrew timing begins at sunset on 3/28/14. Two other things to take note of is that the clock stopped on 3/15—the ides of March—the date of the assassination of Caesar. Notice also the prominent Omega on the clock, Omega can be a symbol for “the end.”

What might happen on 3/28/14? If it is the last day in the Friday crescent moon death day pattern, and the Batman map is aligned correctly, which may have been confirmed above, then I believe it may involve a Strike Zone 2 Yellowstone event—the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano, or to borrow a phrase from the movie “a fire will rise.” I also realize that the Strike Zone 2 event could happen on another cycle day, if there is one, and on 3/28/14 we could see another mass shooting, a high level assassination, and or a coronation event in accordance with this sketch that I was also emailed by the same man referenced above—how about the coronation of the antichrist, which would fulfill the meaning of the title of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” Or maybe it could be several of the above.

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