Sarah W Probable NDE 7003

EXPERIENCE DESCRIPTION: I was in an accident when I was 14 and cut my leg open and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. When I was hit, I saw my whole life play backwards in seconds. It was like watching a movie but, super fast. Every detail of my life playback on that screen. I was thinking of all the people I loved and was sorry for being mean to anyone if I was. Time seemed to slow down like almost stopped. I thought I was going to die and asked God how could I die when I don’t have even one happy memory. I thought what a sorry existence and waste of creation. To die so unhappy with no happy memory. I was abused as a child and will spare you the details. I was so angry that I didn’t have a happy memory. Was abused and unloved and unwanted. It was a really crappy childhood. After getting to the hospital I was in the waiting room for 4 hours just bleeding. By, the time my Father ripped back the curtain and pulled a nurse over I was covered in head to toe of blood. My kneecap was hanging out and I needed to get into surgery fast. I had X-rays and from there went into surgery. Where I was given a gas to put me under. I was afraid something was going to happen while I was under. I remembered my Grandfather had woke up during surgery and they weren’t done operating on him yet. It’s always stuck with me even to this day. I sucked in as much gas as I could because I didn’t want to wake during surgery. I thought I would just maybe go to sleep and dream. Well, I never lost consciousness and started freaking out. I was screaming and throwing myself all around. But, I wasn’t really moving or yelling out loud. I was saying I am still awake!! The next second I realized I was on the ceiling and completely calm and peaceful. I wondered why I could see the ceiling so well and so close up. I was weightless and seemed to be almost bouncing from the ceiling to floor. I heard a super high pitch noise that was both heard and felt. It was painful to hear and I wanted to leave the area. As soon as I expressed discomfort I was BOOM in a black space. It was blacker than black & all void. I have always been scared of the dark and thought maybe something would get me. I tried to feel my body and I didn’t have one. I thought I was dreaming and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t feel my body. I wondered what I looked like since I didn’t have a body. I tried to touch myself and my hands or what I sensed as hands, I went right through myself. I wondered where the light was and where my Father was. I didn’t like being in the dark and wanted to find a light switch or something. I thought it would be pointless to try to move around if I couldn’t see where I was going. I wanted to get out of the blackness thinking maybe something would get me. I didn’t see or sense danger at anytime in my experience. I would say as soon as I got uncomfortable and was very concerned about where the light was and my Father. I see a pin prick of light far off. In a flash,  the light was coming right at me. I was an abused child and got hit a lot. I was afraid the light was going to hit me in the face. I moved out of the way in fear of being hit. I turned around and saw this magical light full of color (gold, white and pinks all the colors together) like a diamond has all the colors and sparkles. It seemed to be alive and calling me into it. I put my hand in first and it felt so incredible, one’s mind can’t express in words the feelings of immense LOVE. I put the rest of what I sensed to be my body into the light and I was in LOVE I became ONE with the light. I was held immediately so close and tight. It felt like someone was hugging me. I was thinking I never wanted to leave the light because I thought the feeling would go away. So, I never went back in the blackness. I allowed my walls to come down for the first time in my life. I allowed myself to get lost in the experience. I danced in the light and spun around so happy to have felt good for the first time in my life. I wondered what I looked like since I couldn’t see or feel myself before. I got a 360 degree view of myself. I looked the same as I always had. I only saw myself from the shoulders up. I thought oh well I look the same. I saw two white lights coming from a far and they had the shape of people. I thought the medicine was making me not see clearly. I keep try to blink and blink again to see if it was just me seeing them like this. I never saw detail they remained white light beings. That is the best way I could describe them. They came to me and I said “I couldn’t see you very well, and if they knew where my Father was. They pointed and told me telepathically at the end of the light. I asked if they would come with me, because I couldn’t see very well I was in an accident. They agreed and cautiously walked to the end of the light. I was almost inching my way because I didn’t know what was on the other side of the end of the light. I asked them what was on the other side and they told me I had to go in to find out. I was afraid the feeling I was feeling of Love and hugs would go away if I went in. But, I trusted the two white light beings to just go ahead and go in what felt like a doorway. But, the light was so bright you couldn’t see past it or into it. I mean the light didn’t hurt my eyes at all. Just couldn’t see pass it to see the other side. When I passed through the doorway I was now watching myself have this experience. I had 3 different perspectives of myself as well as a 360 degree view of everything. I saw myself ascending up into the huge like border of clouds. I went up in it and came to a place I could only describe as a world of lights. Everything was sparkling and diamonds! Everything was alive with light and glowing. The trees and everything living plant and flower was pristine. There was no dead leaves or twigs from the trees or bushes. Everything was so clean and pristine. I walked for what seemed a long while on this path or street, just looking around at how beautiful everything was. I came to a cross road sort of. There was a building to the left of me. It was made of clear crystal like material I would say. The building seemed to go into the ground and came up at the coolest angle. I remember being like whoa that is so cool. I saw there were like 12 clear crystal walls or foundations you could say. There were names written on them in different colors. They were English names because I could read them. I don’t remember the names now. But, I do remember saying to myself I needed to remember this. And I stared at it for what seemed like a long while. I could see ahead of me there were two women coming my direction. I was scared to talk to anyone. I didn’t know where I was or where I was allowed to go. So, I tried to hide behind a tree as not to be seen.

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