DAYS OF LOT: Blogging Gays Urge Murder, Castration of Christians


US-JUSTICE-GAY-MARRIAGEIt happened Dec. 2, 2013, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. broke the story with the headline: “Violent Mob of Topless Pro-Abort Feminists Attacks Praying Men Defending Cathedral.” The raw footage is disturbing to the extreme. (Warning: viewer discretion advised for nudity, lesbian lewdness and violence. A censored version is available here.) Both the video and the story have since gone viral. WND summarizes the attacks as follows: “Chanting, ‘Get your rosaries out of our ovaries,’ a mob of pro-abortion feminists—many of whom were topless with Nazi swastikas on their chests and foreheads—attacked and sexually molested a group of Roman Catholic men who were praying as they stood outside a cathedral in Argentina to protect it from threats of vandalism.” WND Managing Editor David Kupelian called the siege a “display of demonic fury.” Indeed, it’s hard to watch the footage without discerning the palpably dark spirit that possesses many of the estimated 17,000 lesbian, pro-abortion…

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