According to this latest video frompotrblog,  an explosive situation is developing in Hong Kong with H7N9 infections breaking out all over. Will this lead to an H7N9 epidemic across Hong Kong and the world? The situation is being called “EXPLOSIVE”.  Emergency rooms in Hong Kong are bursting with patients with Influenza Like Illness (ILI), there is a 15 hour wait to see patients.  The Queen Elizabeth hospital was packed with more than 150 patients. Hospitals are starting to use temporary beds (meaning people are being admitted). We estimate  that by 12/12 there will be at least 800 cases of new H7N9 infections in Hong Kong, of this number we expect there will be 4 clinical H7N9 detections by 12/9 and 8 clinical H7N9 detections by 12/16Internal Hospital emails show that the #H7N9 infected Indonesian maid actually tested H7N9 positive on November 28th, FIVE FULL DAYS BEFORE THE PUBLIC WAS NOTIFIED OR QUARANTINE ACTION WAS TAKEN.

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