VISION ALERT! Seeing Russian Military TWO Nights Now….

Monday, December 2, 2013VISION ALERT! Seeing Russian Military TWO Nights Now…. By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective- After much prayer and pondering my strange dreams/visions Saturday and Sunday night, I finally decided to publish them. For me, to have even one graphic vision is a special event. But to have TWO, one night after the other regarding the same subject, is of special significance for me. I rarely dream. And I rarely have visions. I do not understand fully why. God’s giftings in my life are found in other areas of ministry.That is why a vision inspired by the Holy Spirit is of great significance to me. The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit giving God’s people visions and dreams. Jesus declared that He would also show God’s people things to come as well. And this is why I finally decided to publish them for my readers. Many of us have been following alarming alternative news reports since September 2013 regarding revelations of potential black ops that could lead up to martial law by mid December. Some reports indicated that Russian military may be heavily used in this as well. All this past summer, reports have come in from all across America about eye-witness sightings of foreign troops being flown in to various military bases and placed under the auspices of the US Army or DHS. Foreign troops have been sighted repeatedly that were reportedly delivering heavy armored vehicles to various police stations across America. When Americans encountered them and spoke to some, they got the impression that these foreign troops had Slavic or Russian accents. I have long reported throughout the years of my investigative journalism, that RUSSIAN TROOPS will be used heavily to subdue the American freedom fighters (“NWO resisters”) in North America under martial law. Russian military troopsOne previous report described how Russian spies were bragging to Russian Christians in Spokane, Washington. My contacts informed me that the spies were making arrogant statements such as, “Ha! Stupid Americans! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it soon be in AMERICA”. As I slowly awakened Sunday morning (12/01/2013), the vivid vision I had received that previous night remained clearly impressed on my memory. And I knew I was in the Holy Spirit at that time as well. John the Apostle wrote about “being in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day (Sunday)” when he received his revelation that later formed the basis for the Book of Revelation. He described the things he both saw and heard while “in the spirit.” Sunday morning, I clearly remembered everything I had both seen and heard in the spirit that night. This strange vision began with hearing the words that the Russian government and military was demanding my execution. I was to be terminated. This did not surprise me in the least. I have worked with Russians for years in Christian outreach, and I have combated Communism through my Christian outreach, prayers and through distributing Russian Bibles for the Slavic peoples. I know well what Communists do to uncompromised Christians in every nation they take over. I used to write letters of encouragement in Russian to Christian prisoners of conscience in the gulags and labor camps. Russian Christian publications gave me their names and mailing addresses. Russian Christians shared with me about how they were persecuted, imprisoned, and how many were martyred as well under Communism.  Persecution of Christians from Communists is to be expected. And Christians must be willing to take the risks to continue in evangelism and outreach, regardless of the cost from others. Nothing can be permitted to stop Christian outreach and the testimony of Jesus from reaching the lost. I even turned in the name of one high ranking Russian KGB/FSB to the US intelligence community during those years, who was involved in espionage here in America, according to my Russian contacts and a fellow journalist from Moscow that I worked with later in Christian outreach to Russians. She warned me about this man who had infiltrated our Russian Christian retreat as I worked there one summer, and shared a newspaper clipping from Moscow sent to her by her sister, that fully exposed this man as a high ranking KGB official. I am quite confident that people like Putin and Medvedev do not like my brand of Christian/American freedom-fighter journalism and exposing the roles of the Russians in coming martial law. And I am certain that once the takeover under martial law commences, the NWO forces will certainly seek my demise. This is to be expected, unfortunately. However, nothing will happen to me until God Himself is ready to take me home for His glory. (In fact, I was told by Pentagon source Al Cuppett, that many of the American names on FEMA’S red/blue list to be picked up and executed under martial law, were directly dictated to America from THE KREMLIN in Moscow via Russia’s INTERFAX. In other words, the Russian government has already been secretly demanding the death of certain Americans. This does not surprise me at all.) The KREMLIN and Red Square in Moscow, Russia Following hearing the words that the Russian government wanted me executed, I immediately saw myself in captivity under the supervision of a young Russian military man. He wore glasses of a very European type and not American design.  In this vision, I was shown that he had been involved in Russian espionage regarding monitoring me and tracking me, and somehow I was now a captive under his supervision. He spoke English slowly with a decided accent, I noted as as I listened to him. He did not appear to be of Russian nationality, but rather someone from a former Eastern Bloc nation, or Lithuania perhaps, but working for the Russian military nonetheless. He was a very quiet young man, I observed. He was fully aware of the fact that I was to be executed. But God showed me his heart, that it was not really in this at all. He was more the kind of military man who was simply following the orders of his superiors, even if he did not like what he was assigned to do. And as the vision progressed, God revealed that in fact he was quietly doing what he could to put off this execution. He realized that I was not the true terrorist or criminal, but rather a prisoner of conscience for my faith in Jesus Christ. He explained to me that he had to perform certain assignments regarding me, making it appear as if he was obeying his superiors, BUT in fact all the while trying to protect me from harm. Nothing can defeat the power of the Word of God. Throughout this vision I was continually sharing my faith in Jesus with him, and could feel the love of God pulling on his heart. It was at this point that the vision ended and I awoke. I was then reminded that morning of the true life accounts of Richard Wurmbrand and how he witnessed to the Russian military communists when they took over in Romania. Often the Russian military were very open to the Gospel and thankfully received Russian Bibles he distributed to them. Russian BibleI have dozens of Russian Bibles to actually attempt to hand out to Russian troops as I encounter them in America some day.  Do you want to know the most powerful way to combat the darkness of globalism, their NWO, or Communism? Simply present the Word of God to those deceived by the lies of Communism, and then watch them come out of the darkness into the glorious light of God’s eternal truth. This is why Communist countries hate the Christian Bible! The Bible is able to destroy every lie that Communism is built upon. Throughout my years of sharing the Word of God with Russians and their children, I have seen the power of God come into their lives repeatedly through THE WORD OF GOD and Jesus Christ. All Sunday I pondered the meaning of this vision, and prayed for God to show me more. And He did. I awoke this morning (Monday, 12/02/2013)) with another vision fresh in my memory. The pictures were very graphic in this vision. I clearly saw Russian troops seated in a military troop carrier, fully poised to jump out and go into battle. This was very evident. It was as if either war or martial law WAS IMMINENT. Russian military emerging from troop carrier And again, I heard myself speaking in Russian to these men, telling them about salvation through Jesus Christ. I then saw in this vision a higher ranking officer who wanted to hear everything I said. A miracle happened when I prayed for him, and he was very excited and deeply moved and knew at last that God was real. I saw the joy on his face! And then, this vision ended as well. How very strange! However, if I am to believe what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit, that He will show us things to come prophetically, then I must conclude from these two visions that events may be close at hand

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