DREAM OF NUKE DETONATED IN NEW YORK NEWARK INTERNATIONAL TO BE DESTROYED BY A SOLAR EVENT By Alexander Backman http://alexanderbackman.com Sunday December 1st, 2013—I had a dream last night that really shook me up. Maybe the fact that it was so vivid and real, the details! Like in High Definition, I saw it all blow! The explosion was so massive. I was just coming back from a radio interview on Fukushima and was at, of all places, in an airport in a city called Newark. Note from author: I did not know that Newark had an International Airport at the time. This shows that this is not a dream but a revelation! There are details that I saw in the dream that show things that are going to happen in the future. When? Soon. I was on the portion outside of one of the terminals. The airport was enormous. I was behind and under one of the Terminal bridges, I could see all the airliners aligned and parked along-side their corresponding terminals. The planes had navy blue tails. While I was trying to focus on the details it happened. It was so overwhelming! An explosion! The biggest I have ever see. Almost as if the entire sky and the ground were engulfed by the fiery inferno. Like a wave of fire. I saw it coming, from where I was standing, from the east. I knew the blast came from the direction behind the terminal because it was around 4pm and the sun was already going down on my side to my right towards the West. For the sun to go down at 4pm, it means it has to be winter, near Christmas time or New Year’s. The first thing was this sucking out of all the cool air. Like a whoosh, it was being sucked up and then the fire came. I saw all the airplanes being shredded into thousands of pieces along with the terminal. I turned back and ran into the tunnels where the baggage was stored and collected under the terminals and saw an entrance leading to an underground basement with a steel door over it. I opened it, dove in and shut it before the flames reach me. I woke up and was trying to catch my breath. I remember the vivid details of me seeing headlines being shown to me on the lower right of my field of view at the moment of the explosion. I saw these headlines pass before my eyes in orange-yellow letters. This was seconds before the blast. This is what I saw: ·         Newark Airport destroyed by solar event, 32,000 dead. ·         Nuclear Terror Attack in New York confirmed. I knew in my heart that the solar event was a ploy to lie to the public about the real reason of what had happened. That it was not a solar event but a nuclear weapon detonated in Manhattan. After the dream/vision or whatever you want to call it, I went to Google Maps and found that Newark does indeed have one of the biggest airports serving the City of New York. I did not know this until I searched for the term on the Internet. And it is pretty close to Manhattan itself. I pray this does not happen. Please pray with me to ask Our Lord Jesus for His mercy and protection over these regions. That is all.

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