The Other Evidence That Demands a Verdict


The other day as I was writing an article, I thought to myself, “Never would I have EVER imagined that I’d be reporting this.”

The mere thought of guillotines in America, much less the knowledge that an American president would sanction the use of them for corporal punishment / lethal and legal beheading executions! This is ludicrous! That only happens in far away countries by crazed religious Muslims zealots, right? Alas…

This is reality in 2013.

In one day, SEVEN volcanoes erupted in SIX countries! In ONE DAY. What are the odds?!

How about THIRTY SEVEN volcanic eruptions globally?!

Four very large earthquakes in just as many days!

Treason continues to surface. The president of the  United States of America ordered a nuclear detonation on AMERICA, while hunkered down while fully expecting the military to carry out his madman orders.

Space, oh what a hot topic space is…

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