Dec. 1 ISON NASA Image (Video) | Space

By Susan DuclosIs ISON a ball of shrapnel? Is it finally dead? Is NASA lying? Is NASA just really as frustrated and confused as everyone else that has been watching Comet ISON for the past months? Space Weather  headlines with Comet ISON Dies…. Again.Slate  headlines with perhaps the most creative and accurately descriptive headline I have seen to date with “ISON After Perihelion: The Undead Maybe Somewhat Ex-Comet.”The latest animated image from NASA is in the video below, looped twice and it is time lapsed, and the dates showns are 11/27/13 to 12/1/13, so they are the first shots gotten for Sunday the 1st of December.Via the Space Weather link above: Despite Whittaker’s negative result, it is too soon to rule out observations from Earth as the twice-dead comet moves away from the glare of the sun. Meanwhile, NASA’s fleet of solar observatory will be tracking the remains.Enjoy what might be the last ISON show….. unless of course ISON surprises everyone yet again.

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