Stairway to heaven from Eden

Are You Ready For the Testing of Your Works by Fire?

No matter what our future holds, mature sons of the Most High God need to perform periodic heart checks to see if we are producing eternal fruit. One thing we all need to acknowledge is that we can build upon the foundation of Jesus Christ with perishable materials. Most people assume that’s other people are doing that, but that’s not me. Behold, in this Kingdom Day, our works will reveal by fire (1 Cor 3:11-15).

When I heard that a comet called ISON was going to fly by the sun on the same day that Thanksgiving Day coincides with the first day of Chanukah, my spirit sat straight up. Additionally, when I heard the word ISON, I immediately went to the “hayah” place. If you’ll recall from the October 12, 2013 post, “hayah” can be simplified into a righteous State…

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