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Prophetic Warning! Judgment of GOD is now! Walk the narrow way! Part 1

November 21, 2013

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Oh ye this generation, these people of America with their fine gold and riches. Ahh they cry out ‘come Lord Jesus come!’ I, Jehovah look upon your land in disgust. Nothing I say is learnt. Still you pass by the hungry, shut your windows on the beaten child and mind to your own. I look, I gaze upon those who say my prayer is not answered when you have not been a blessing to another. Give and it shall be given unto you. Oh America, you say you are without fear! Yet you cling to the news reports, gasping at the evil thereof. Does My Holy Word not say evil shall increase?

I, the Great I AM, speak to each one of you this day. You say with your lips I will pray for you, yet your knees never bow to the ground for them. What is done in secret, shall be brought to the light of truth. Take your lamps out from underneath the stand, fill them with the oil of My Holy Word and Spirit. Then act my children, walk the narrow way. For much is required of you and much more will be in the days ahead. For all you have seen, heard, witnessed is a precursor for what more is to come. Oh ye those who walk in foolish religious ceremonies, stop I say. For as it is written you have one Father and it is I, Yahweh. Do not call any religious leader on earth ‘father’ for your idol worship will be cast upon you. Walk the narrow way.

I, the God of Moses who spoke out the commandments that all are to follow, yet I find few. Do not covet what your fellow neighbor has. For I see much jealousy in the land. If you have a loaf of bread, you are to split the loaf with those less fortunate. Oh how I see the joy in the poor mans eyes when he is given a piece of bread! Yet the haughty and rich, the hoarders, they are filled with fear. Always consumed in ones mind – do I have enough? Relying on oneself for provision and not I, Jehovah Jireh! The greatest amongst you will be the least in the days to come. Humble yourselves. Walk the narrow way.

I, the Great I AM send forth signs, send mighty winds, flatten the land of all materialism’s. Out of your mouths you proclaim – we can rebuild! Yet, my temple is torn to shreds. Oh woe unto the churches in America, for selfishness rules your hearts. Oh ye you lock the temple doors at night in fear of thieves. Fear they will take your gold and fancy decor. Though you fail to see the broken one, sitting outside your steps seeking counsel and prayer. Oh ye you walk past them as though they are not seen. Woe I say, unto you when I visit upon your house of idol worship. Walk the narrow way.

Cracks of huge magnitude will be found throughout America to mans non-understanding. No earth quake, no meteor, it is my anger upon your land. Your lust for fortune and the filling of ones desires will fall wayside.

America, America, you have forsaken I the God of Israel! With all your abominations, lies, deceit, hunger for evil, going against My Holy Scriptures, breaking thy commandments set forth. A sinful nation – a den of thieves. Praising in joy, dancing in the streets, rejoicing over the sin of homosexuality. America you have become Sodom and Gomorrah, a disgrace and a detestable nation. Woe unto you mockers of Me the Great I AM, Yahweh! Your celebrations shall turn to mourning with a blink of My eye. Repent oh ye sinners who carelessly walk in the fruit of the forbidden. Tangled in a snare that only will be released at the throne, with a pure repentant heart.

The calamities will increase at great speed oh America. Treacherous floods will wipe out your villages.

My children, stand now. Be bold in your speech, hold nothing back. I witness My very own with closed mouths. No tolerance for this I say! Your speech always seasoned in love, yet bold as a lion, for time is now. Laziness is unacceptable. Let our yes be yes and your no be no and when you come upon injustice stand tall, geared full with the armor provided. If you shrink back oh ye people, I shall shrink back from you. Hear these words this day. Walk the narrow way.

California, the cracks in your land will break UPWARD. Causing weakness under the earths core.

Vermont, your land will split in two. For I the Great I AM have counted your sins and theft of your land. No more, no more, shall you rob the poor.

Those who proclaim they come in my name and say blasphemy against my Holy Word, my fire will engulf you. Woe unto you leading the flock astray. With your false messages to gain fame. Deception, discord, confusion, you are causing amongst the people. Turn away now from this foolish talk and repent! Heed this warning now, for I come swiftly upon your household. It would be better if you knew me not, repent I say!

To those who listen to a foolish mans lips speaking lies, cleanse yourselves in the blood shed for all iniquity. Drink from the living waters, where you shall never thirst again.

America, you prideful nation, full of demons. My eyes are a glare upon you. What you have witnessed in other countries will be falling upon your land. Draw close to Me your Savior, you Redeemer, Helper and Creator of all. As you see fires abound, flood uprising, earth separating – know it is your hardened hearts of non-repentance, your blinded eyes of your own free will and desire to fulfill your flesh and not your spirit.

Open your eyes oh ye people to the signs of peril before you. Seek me with all your heart, I AM here. I will guide you to safety, to everlasting life in Me. I God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, my hand is placed down upon your land. Judgment is now. Turn to the one who created you and I shall grant you peace and rest. Walk the narrow way.

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