ISON A threat to earth….

Comets, especially long period hyperbolic ones are considered highly unpredictable and ISON is no different!  When it passed Mars its course altered and the event was recorded by the JPL small body database on the 14th of October, Suspicious Observer explains… Then, just one day later on the 15th they updated the database information yet again… NEO (Near Earth objects), such as asteroids are considered hazardous if there scheduled pass is within a certain distance from the earths orbital path, according to JPL! “Potentially Hazardous objects are: NEOs whoseMinimum Orbit Intersection Distance (MOID)with the Earths orbital path is 0.05 AU or less” This is the distance ISON will be when it intersects or crosses the orbit path of the Earth! The lower the number the more of ISON’s debris we pass through …as of 15th October the Earth MOID is = .0231487 AU  or 2,314,870 Miles UPDATE…as of 21st October the Earth MOID = .023033 AU or 2.303,300 miles UPDATE…as of 28th October the Earth MOID = .0231545 AU or 2.315,450 miles UPDATE…as of 2nd November the Earth MOID = .0232655 AU or 2,326,550 miles UPDATE…as of 8th November the Earth MOID = .0231179 AU or 2,311,790 miles LATEST UPDATE…as of 15th November the Earth MOID = .0229365 AU or 2,293,650 miles Check the database link below, scroll down slightly to the ‘Orbital elements at Epoc’ and see the additional information box, or see the same information box in SO’s video above! Thoughts?  ISON latest images: 9th October 2013 New Hubble image of ISON on the 9th October, but this one has a scale for size reference!! [link to ]  The COMA is confirmed bigger than either of the ice giants Neptune or Uranus at around50,000km in diameter!!  bump Sources: [link to ]  [link to ]

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