Help all that you can in the days to come. You are the light of the world and many will come out of the coming tribulation. Preach the gospel my children, the good, news to all creatures. Reap the harvest, and do pray that you’re Father will send more workers into the harvest.
Do not grieve for those that belong to me who fall in death for their troubles are over and they are with me. I say rejoice for you are not as those who have no hope.
When you speak to others of me, speak in love and do not lord it over them as men do. You are servants of the most high God. If they refuse you and reject the message they are rejecting me and my word. If they refuse to hear you, MOVE ON……. If the persecute you in one place, then go to another place. Warn all to flee the wrath to come.
You must learn to hear me now, for if you will not or can not hear me now in the stillness how will you ever know my voice in the midst of the storm as it rages?
It is time to prepare, come and seek me, seek my face, know my voice, seek my will while it is still day. Ask of me what you have need of. Ask of me wisdom and discernment. Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive.
Remember that you are a child of the most high God, Yahweh. The world of man will fall, it can not help you, it can not save you. Do not be deceived by them, neither be afraid of them. Be about your Fathers business. Again you are the light in a gross growing darkness. Do not hide your light. Do not fear that your light is small for even the smallest light will shine brightly as the darkness deepens.
Do not worry about what you will eat, our what you will drink, or what you will wear. These are the things that the world of men concern themselves with. I will take care of you. Remember my words, the birds of the air are feed and the grass of the field is clothed in splinder. Lean on me and cast your care upon me I will care for you. Be ready it comes quickly but I Am with you even unto the end.
Watch to the east, look and see what comes very soon….. There shall be great waves of distruction coming from the coast.

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