ISONS Coma larger than visible

Mars: ISONS Coma is larger than visible, and hit Mars small Magnetosphere in passageMars: [link to ]  ISONS Coma is larger than visible, and hit Mars small Magnetosphere in passage .. questions might be what caused the plasma colors how large was the coma if it is just a “flyby” plasma cloud OK ? [link to ]  C2012 /S1 ISON is coming out of deep cold space where it has gathered all the debris in contact or close orbit to its nucleus ,probably in close contact as suggested by [RIP} Astronomer Tom Van Flandren [Naval Observatory] [link to ]  as it [C2012 /S1 ISON] gets closer to the sun, the gas begins to subliminate with a similar velocity [ TO THAT OF THE COMET]and  Dust and plasma are visible close to the comet but will radiate out to a larger signature, [than the visible coma .. as evidenced by the anti tail?] most of which is to faint to see..??? so this fast traveling mass of gas and dust passes mars at what ? 10 million kilometers ?] and hits mars “moon like” magnetosphere, giving the observed plasma effect [with cool wings].. then it passed . Almost all of this except the plasma part is right out of Van Flanderns Book  here is the hype about the plasma .. and I don’t know how large the nucleus is but i alllways say larger than three miles!!! AND THAT IT DID UNDERGO A TAIL SEPARATION EVENT  [link to (secure) ]  BUY IT OR READ IT HERE P173 11 TH LINK DOWN “IN GOOGLEBOOKS” [link to ]  comet Encke tail seperation 2007 .. encke mercury close pass [link to ]  loOnn this [link to ]  n this is cool [link to (secure) ] Komet [link to ]  Last Edited by rphunter  on 11/18/2013 01:59 PM Civilization Continuity – PROJECT REVELATION EVENT SEQUENCE: PROJECT GREAT DIVIDE PARTY  [link to ]  My You Tube Page  [link to ]

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