Eye of the Sun (ISON)

Eye of the Sun (ISON) Doom Comes This Way
I would like to congratulate GLP members for being suspicious about comet ISON. I am not a qualified astronomer, but I am a Vedic and Buddhist researcher and this object is described bu all ancient cultures.

I always knew something was not right about ISON when I steped it through an orbit simulator and discovered it crosses the earths orbit exactly on Dec 21, 2013. Logic would then led one to suspect that the Mayans knew about this object as well, and we did not count year zero. Do you really think they had a year 0 in the modern calendar.

It is not a ship and it is shaped more like an oval (Obeject in the center). This could be from it being a heavy dwarf star that never ignited or it could have hit other things in the past. Those two perfect wings are not cigar craft. Run a binary star simulator yourself and understand that as this approaches the main sun it will speed up significanty. This thing obviously is not a ball of ice and the debris field is being pulled to each side by the gravity of the massive central object. The light is charges plasma. Those arms will bend inwards even more as it accelerates and you will get and eye on top of a pyramid effect by the time it flies over top of earth in December. The elite have always known about this and the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid is really this.

If they were alien ships and they wanted us to see them they would not come in against the sun like this. A race that is supposed to be able to fly across the universe needs to approach us for decades at comet speeds just makes no sense, but disinfo agents will say anything for a crust of bread. Aliens could come in at many different angles. We will not see it really good until it is right on top of us because the suns light will block it out. If this thing appears red in colour it is the red kachina and if hopi prophecy is true you have a few weeks to get inland. Do not fear it as this is the balance that has to come. It is part of the divine time clock of the creator. This is the force of Shiva that destroys everything before a new age or yuga is born. Let the elite go into their bunkers because concrete and stone will not save them.

Another potential danger is when it leaves and is above earth on Dec 21, 2013 solar flares will likely be directed in our direction. We could get a kill shot anytime from Nov-Feb as this thing enters our area of space for a few weeks. If the governments are beating the war drums even harder and the economy starts crashing this fall you will know all is to plan.

I am not writing this to instill fear, but I have noticeed the increases in strange weather, volcanoes and earthquakes. The real age of all four yugas is really 12,860 years. We do not have to wait 432,000 years for the next yuga and mistakes were made in that system for the same reason (CONTROL). The cycle of the equinox is actually the perturbance caused by our twin sun. Vedic cosmolgy is also based on a dual sun. If you consider 70% of all star systems are binary and the fact several ancient cultures have recorded this thing you have to wonder.

Just be strong and use your own discernment. If this thing is red in colour just sit up and take notice. Everyone is going to see this thing by the end of November. My gut told me to write this. I think ISON is the Eye of the Sun or the purifier. Elenin was the old boy who cried wolf switch and bait trick the elite use to take your focus of the real deal. The built those bunkers for this thing because they already had all the sheep under control.

Stop being distracted by all the disinfo agents and rumours of wars and prepare. It is highly possible the day of purification is upon us. The only good news is that Vishnu is said to return when the dual suns enter the neutral point. You tards may get your nobody sooner than you think.

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