Satellite falling to earth

I found these two posts on GLP and thought that it was interesting. Don’t know what if any connection they might have but felt it worth sharing. Best to use descretion though. Links have been included.

Satellite falling to Earth!!!!!!A 1-ton satellite is falling toward Earth’s surface. Experts estimate Sun or MonA European satellite that ran out of fuel will start falling in the next few days, and fragments of the disintegrating 2,000-pound spacecraft are expected to strike the Earth’s surface. Nobody knows where or when the fragments will hit, but the European Space Agency has said the parts are likely to fall into the ocean or unpopulated areas. Potential spots will be narrowed down closer to re-entry, ESA said on its website. [link to ]  Last Edited by Goofy for God  on 11/08/2013 09:20 AM

Had a dream last night that thousands of people in the USA will die on Sunday or Monday.Can’t remember any details, but in my dream I heard a news caster says “thousands are dead” and it was about something that happened in the USA. Not even sure how they died or what happened to them but it stuck with me once I woke up.

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