Watchman’s Alert: DEBKAfile Exclusive Report: Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas signs cooperation accord with Bashar Assad

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

My Comment:  This is not the only deal in the works, according to Debka (read here) Iran and Russia are signing agreements, including arms agreements.  This is significant.  Alignments are forming, alignments found in prophecy.  There is an age old saying, while the left hand is at work, watch what the right hand is doing.  This is something that magicians use to perform their tricks, hoping you’ll watch the left hand and not the right.  We need to pay attention.

They sign a secret deal behind everyone's backs

(Debka)  Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas this week signed a secret cooperation agreement with President Bashar Assad, debkafile reveals here for the first time from its exclusive military and intelligence sources. They concluded the deal unbeknownst to US Secretary of State John Kerry, shortly before he sat down in Rome Wednesday, Oct. 23, with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to discuss West Bank security arrangements and administer a…

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