Redirecting Our Thought Process


Why do I continue to be plagued with miserable memories? Do you know the kind that I mean? I call them regret memories; the garbage debris trails of my past.

As I was praying the other morning, regret memories began to bombard my thinking. Of course I shifted mental gears, but the residual “aftertaste” was difficult. Knowing full well that the Lord has erased the sinful actions of my past, has cast them into the depths of the sea He said. (Micah 7:18,19) Like most human beings I still have the memory of my previous actions.  Some folks have smoothly moved on, I still occasionally struggle with the guilt-plague from my old life. Sometimes set off by a trigger event. Like when I see a the kid rejected by their schoolmates I remember the kid or kids I repeatedly snubbed at school, or when I mercilessly teased my younger sibs…

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