An Urgent Message from Watchmans Cry

Nathan Leal – September 3, 2013 Earler today  I sent out a warning about America. Although it is in poetic form, this warning is legitimate. It can be found here:   America is turning into the daughter of Babylon before our eyes. Most people do not realize this. Many of them do not care.  Her new look is going to SHOCK many people! I have a new announcement to bring to the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me, several new visions.Please pray for me because I will be sharing them very soon. In summary – Horrible war is coming to the USA. It will not only occur offshore. It will arrive within our borders and it involves other nations with boots on the ground within the land. I have seen these things in glimpses and they are not good. The Body of Christ needs to be investing their time in house cleaning and repentance. As I stated in the warning message / poem:   “…She’ll chase them with fury, …few places to hide. They’ll huddle in dwellings, …where God won’t abide….”   This will be the mistake of many people in the coming crisis. They will choose a place of refuge that God will not be able to bless with His protection. For some of those people, this mistake will be FATAL! Friends. The time is NOW to prepare. The coming days are going to be treacherous. Please share the words in the recent warning with all of your friends and family. Again Ladies and gentlemen, I value your prayers, for God’s covering so that I can get the next word out. May the Bless bless you and keep you. Nathan Leal – Watchman’s Cry

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